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Art and cultural collective for sharing and learning in an informal setting. International artists are invited to present a project, concept, a process or an experience. Our focus is performance, visual art, interactive media, music and technologies. We aim to create a link between artist and our guest, building and growing as a community.



"I'm living the future so the present is my past.
My presence is the present, kiss my ass." —K.W.

We have arrived to the future as prophesied by the Mayans and Asimov alike. The World Wide Web has shown us the new faces of the empire. In this age, here, now, in the future, matter is no longer the precondition of existence. At the other side of the screen, bodies made up entirely of binary code, live full lives. They dance and discuss, fuck and forget without needing to have muscles to exhaust or a nervous system to tire. In this age, here, now, in the future, presence does no longer constitute reality, attendance is no longer mandatory to certify assistance. And yet, today, in the future, one asks the more insistently: What is then this ‘I’ that sits here typing? What is then this body that waits here and withers? Where is then the real and what is it?

The performance and exhibition project DAZWISCHEN is the first of an event series organized by the artist collective ART TRAFFIC and curated by Valentina Ramona de Jesús. DAZWISCHEN brings together multimedia artists to investigate the ontology and metaphysics of gaps, transitions, and fissures —of the spaces in between. The project can be understood as an interplay of visual and media art, photography, poetry and performance as a means to examine the space that divides the realm of the digital and the analogue and that separates just as it bridges the geography of the ghostly and the unfathomable on one hand, and the material and the perishable on the other.






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